Project Hemingway


In late 2014, a major shift happened at Inkling. The company went from crafting eBooks targeted at academics to creating a platform for businesses to create, share, and measure their most important content. This pivot changed a lot of things, one of which was the website.

Inkling relied heavily on the website to communicate and educate users on their new offerings. The website in its current state was not be able to help quickly shift messaging, roll out multiple pages, and assist new marketing efforts. To help achieve Inkling's goals the site would need to be built in a way that helped optimize the creation of pages.


I led design and co-developed the site along with Russell Shearer.

The Process

Project Hemingway: code drunk, refactor sober would be the codename for our grand redesign of the website. I started by auditing and identifying patterns on the existing site as well as patterns we may use in the future. I then designed mocks at various screen sizes (mobile experience was huge for us during this process). I then took it a step further and started to rough out the patterns in code. This would ensure a seamless pass-off to the developer. These patterns would be extensible which would give us the freedom of many types of layouts.


We did a complete overhaul of the entire site in 28 days. We built versioning/testing environments, began a documentation process, updated 20+ web pages, penned thousands of lines of CSS, nursed pixel cuts, and delivered a beautiful, well built, B2B website!

Stats pre 10/01/14

  • Assets file size: 223.8 MB
  • Lines of css: 6791
  • Page load time: 18.08s
  • Google `speed score: D
  • Headaches: 15
  • Creating new pages: 4 pages took 4 hours of the entire marketing team effort

Stats post 10/01/14

  • Assets file size: 71.8 MB
  • Lines of css: 1399
  • Page load time: 7.9s
  • Google speed score: B
  • Headaches: 1 (too much halloween candy corn)
  • Creating new pages: 18 pages took 30 mins for 2 people
Next Up:

🚀 Inkling Inspiration

Interactive site to inspire and educate current and future users.