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Through testing and interviews we discovered that our customers did not immediately understand Inkling’s unique value proposition. In this day and age our attention is limited and therefore immensely valuable. Being able to quickly develop interests in one’s product is a key indicator of product success. This lead to unqualified leads in our marketing funnel, longer sales cycles, and expensive customer acqusition.


I led design for the website which was creatively directed by Anne Donnard. Written prose was penned by Danny Morales. Motion and iconography was gracefully done by Chloe Dalby. Russell Shearer led development and performance.

Research and Hypothesis

We discovered that prospective customers understand the value of Inkling faster when they actually get their hands on our product. Scrolling through Inkdocs (our branded term for interactive, responsive documents) and clicking the interactives gives them an “ah ha” moment that static images alone can't communicate. Our challenge was to bring this moment to life on our website.

The Process

As we began this project, we allowed ourselves to think big. We really wanted to push the boundaries of our existing website. Through meeting and brainstorming sessions it was clear upper management had a focus on animation. Chloe and I started to dig in with quick video explorations.

The Beauty of Success

Start Here


The animations were a great start, but I felt we weren't hitting the mark—perhaps even putting too much emphasis on animation. After spending a few hours re-structuring the site, I went back to the drawing board and delivered an updated wireframe that effectively leveraged animation to enhance our story.

Inspiration Wireframes

Product Inspiration

Given that our goal was to mimic the delight that users experience with our product, leveraging our own product for inspiration was critical. I worked closely with Russell (our awesome developer) to spec out how we could use the Inkling product on the website. We decided upon two features: one, embedding templates on the site for a visitor to scroll and peruse. And two, embedding the interactives (slideshows, flip cards, etc.).

Widget: Slideline
Widget: Poptips
Widget: Flashcards
Widget: Video


The end result was an engaging, interactive site that helped educate and inspire our customers, and ultimately delivered more qualified leads. Check it out here:



Check yourself: In the very beginning, the team was set on using animation to tell this story. While animation did end up being a key component, we spent too much time discussing the execution and not enough time thinking about the concept holistically. It's important to take a step back and make sure you are doing the right things for the right reasons.

Make it obvious: Using our product on the site to show what the product can do seems a bit obvious, but it was very effective. The site has been well received internally and has even begun to inform some key features within the product. However, in the future, I think we could make more efforts to point out that the interactive piece of content was specifically built with Inkling.

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