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A childhood friend launched a new project: a lifestyle company that blends Hawaiian culture with soccer. He noticed the trend of lifestyle brands increasing their mobile reach and wanted to put himself in a position to compete. He needed an online storefront that would extend his presence worldwide and offer fans more information about the shop.


I led design and development for the website. I also lent a hand to developing copy and content strategy.

The Process

We started talking a couple days before the opening of his physical storefront and, while I would have loved to release a fully-functioning site by then, it wasn't going to happen. There was still a lot to discuss, so we decided to roll the site out in phases.

Phase One

Phase One: The Great Image

The first phase was to announce the grand opening of the store front. Max wanted something simple to accompany this announcement. We had a tight turn around so I turned to Tumblr to quickly execute against the first phase.

Phase Two

Phase Two: Fake it 'til you make it

This was the first attempt to fulfill his need to update the blog, but not the rest of the site. He was very active on Instagram and an integration with the app would be the least amount of friction for Max. This worked out pretty well and is still how the blog portion operates today.

Phase Three: Goooool

The last and final phase was a full site with a complete e-commerce store.

Phase 03 Patterns

For the About Us page, we wanted to include a section about the events PSC hosted. He had a lot of great video content from these events and we wanted to incorporate that somehow. We landed on an auto-looping video shot by Orrin Nakanelua.


Instagram was PSC's main marketing channel. I wanted to introduce a secondary channel that would build a list of new customers, cultivate relationships with existing customers, and reach them on all their mobile devices. I'm talking about electronic mail. With the help of Mailchimp we set up a simple input to capture email addresses with the hopes of running full campaigns through email.



We created a website that was consistent to the Paradise Soccer brand and promoted the apparel. Within the first three days of launching, the online store generated 2x revenue (compared to physical store) Within the first month, the site gained 4,000+ views and has generated 30,488 total pageviews in the first year.

We timed the site launch the with the first anniversary of the storefront opening, which was also during the 2014 Men's World Cup. Max specifically released his “Merica Jersey,” which helped catapult the site and his brand during the launch. It’s still the top selling item in his outline store today!

Here is the final site, have a look!

Darren was extremely passionate about this project and it really showed with the thoughtful ideas and amazing site he delivered.
Max Anton
Paradise Soccer Club Founder


Not all that glitters, is gold: we decided to use Square to power the payments section of the site, which redirects buyers away from site for payment processing. This introduces an additional step in the buying process, and my focus was to minimize the experience of that step.

All in all our decision to leverage Square for the online store has been a good one. We're using an existing platform that he is using in the physical store and we can depend on the security of a well-known payments company to handle the online and in-store purchases.

No newsletters: I thought it would be great to begin capturing email addresses to build a database for remarketing to new and existing customers. However, we did not accurately scope the time and effort to create, deliver, and nurture amazing campaigns. In the future, I'd like to help him streamline this process, possibly generating emails from his Instagram account.

Next Up:

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Developing a design system and code structure for a B2B website.