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Revised: February 19, 2018 to focus on measuring goals and pairing them with existing habits based on Helen Tran's How to Build Any Habit article.


The power to influence behavior or the course of events.

❤️ Control Health

    Diet Goal: Eat vegetarian during the week

  • Pair: Catered lunches Tue & Thu. Thistle: Mon, Wed, Fri
  • Measure: Calendar

    Workout Goal: 100 push-ups and 6-min abs every morning

  • Pair: Before morning shower
  • Measure: Calendar

💬 Control Thoughts

    Thought Goal: Gather tools to be more in control of my thoughts by attending therapy sessions once a week.

  • Pair: Sundays after farmer's market?
  • Measure: Calendar, journal

✍️ Control Learning

    Learning Goal: Manage time to accomplish my side projects

  • Paradise Soccer Club 2.0 (Redesign website by May 31)
  • PDA: weekly collective of music (Ongoing brand exploration)
  • Pro Landscape 2.0 (Update website by September 1)

✈️ Control Experiences

    🗺 Experience Goal: Travel more

  • ✅ Mexico (March)
  • Coachella (April)
  • Austin (July) — Added in March
  • New York (September) — Canceled due to conflict


✅ Finish Blonded Life (Early February)

✅ Participate in the May 1st Reboot (May 01)

✅ Run the San Francisco Half Marathon (July 23)

✅ Learn to tango (Estimated: October / Actual: November)

✅ Eat at two new restaurants each month. Follow along here (December)

🆘 Create ThreeThings App (November)