✍️ Hi ✍️


❤️ Physical Health: habitual healthy eating habits paired with consistent physical workouts.


  1. During the work week following a diet (TBD)
  2. Muscle definition and tone

🤔 Mental Health: developing a stronger connection to my thoughts and feelings.


  1. Consistent attendance to therapy sessions

✈️ Experiences: developing stronger connections to the world around me.


  1. Thailand with my best friend
  2. New York or New Orleans trip with my sister before she starts college
  3. Coachella to see my favorite artists
  4. Mexico with my favorite couple

✍️ Learning: managing time to accomplish side projects.

    Current Projects:

  1. PDA: weekly collective of music
  2. Meraki: visual online publication
  3. Paradise Soccer Club 2.0: redesign of an e-commerce website
  4. Pro Landscape 2.0: redesign of my father's business website

💰 Finances: stronger saving and spending habits.


  1. Pay down credit card debt
  2. Manage finances to afford ✈️ Experiences


✅ Finish Blonded Life (Early February)

✅ Participate in the May 1st Reboot (May 01)

✅ Run the San Francisco Half Marathon (July 23)

✅ Learn to tango (Estimated: October / Actual: November)

✅ Eat at two new restaurants each month. Follow along here (December)

🆘 Create ThreeThings App (November)